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Stefan Brand

Kommissarischer Bereichsleiter Wasserverversorgung / Entsorgung / Analytik

Interim Division Head of water supply / disposal / analytic laboratory services

Am Haupttor
06237 Leuna

Kathrin Sommer

Division Head of Safety

Wolfgang Stephan

Bereichsleiter Werkschutz / Feuerwehr

Division Head of site security / fire brigade

Dermot Carey

Division Head of Engineering & Purchasing Department

Dr. med. Josephine Reeg

Division Head of On-site medical services

Falk Herzog

Division Head of Real estate management

Frank Sander

Division Head of Logistics

Martin K. Halliger

PR-Management / Press spokesman

Martin Naundorf

Division Head of Sales department/Site development/PR-management

André Schum

Division Head of Controlling

Raphael Gründel

Bereichsleiter Personal

Elke Raue

Leiterin Servicebüro

Dr. Detlev Brodkorb

Division Head of Legal dep.

Dr. Christof Günther

CEO of InfraLeuna GmbH

Thomas Räcke

Division Head of Energy/Water


Auskunft Chemiestandort Leuna

Mark Muschick

Division Head of Telecommunications, Organisation, IT

The Land and its People

To visit Leuna means to be surprised of old views and new perspectives, of Stone Age, Romanesque and Bauhaus. Leuna, the habitation in the verdancy with a state of the art chemical site in direct neighborhood.

Leuna has a 6,000 years old settlement history. The historical garden city builds the core center of the today´s commune and was founded in the years 1917 to 1927. It is said to be one of the largest European garden city settlements and is the biggest memorial within the Saalekreis. Today the city presents itself as a consistent settlement area with a multifaceted urban planning of public buildings and the appeas of a small town.

„Everyone to his taste” - this familiar quotation of the great Prussian King Friedrich II is literally part of the air in this region. Wether merchant or student, realist or philosopher, beer-drinker or wine-lover, everyone gets his money´s worth and certainly does not miss out on anything.

Galleries and museums inspire the senses, delightful parks and medieval architectural monuments fascinate the beholder, outstanding libraries, ancient churches and cathedrals privide places of meditation. Countless street cafes and restaurants welcome you to stay for a while. Whether the G. F. Händel festival or Luther´s wedding, the cathedral of Merseburg, the historical theatre in Bad Lauchstädt or Europe´s longest saltwater Graduation works in Bad Dürrenberg - all of this awaits you to be discovered in less than 50 kilometers from Leuna.