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Stefan Brand

Kommissarischer Bereichsleiter Wasserverversorgung / Entsorgung / Analytik

Interim Division Head of water supply / disposal / analytic laboratory services

Am Haupttor
06237 Leuna

Kathrin Sommer

Division Head of Safety

Wolfgang Stephan

Bereichsleiter Werkschutz / Feuerwehr

Division Head of site security / fire brigade

Dermot Carey

Division Head of Engineering & Purchasing Department

Dr. med. Josephine Reeg

Division Head of On-site medical services

Falk Herzog

Division Head of Real estate management

Frank Sander

Division Head of Logistics

Martin K. Halliger

PR-Management / Press spokesman

Martin Naundorf

Division Head of Sales department/Site development/PR-management

André Schum

Division Head of Controlling

Raphael Gründel

Bereichsleiter Personal

Elke Raue

Leiterin Servicebüro

Dr. Detlev Brodkorb

Division Head of Legal dep.

Dr. Christof Günther

CEO of InfraLeuna GmbH

Thomas Räcke

Division Head of Energy/Water


Auskunft Chemiestandort Leuna

Mark Muschick

Division Head of Telecommunications, Organisation, IT


The chemical Site Leuna offers you a development and complex materials co operation: with the companies which have already settled in Leuna or with other companies of other chemical sites in the region. The synergy effects created by the site-internal material network among the companies offer best conditions for the individual production. TOTAL refinery, the state-of-the-art refinery in Europe, the caprolactam synthesis of DOMO Group and production of technical gases in the largest gas centre in the world of Linde GmbH are at the core of the network of the Leuna chemical site.

For more information on the regional and site-internal material network, as well as on the main product lines at the chemical site of Leuna, see the download area.